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A unique function of the Favre-Leuba Raider Bivouac 9000: measuring altitude

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Favre-Leuba, one of the oldest Swiss watchmaking companies, is back since 2011.

IMG_3846(vintage Favre-Leuba Bivouac)


Above you see a picture of an original vintage Bivouac. The vintage piece is a highly collectible watch.  Now, Favre-Leuba just presented their latest Bivouac with a twist: it is the only wristwatch able to measure altitude.



You may wonder how it is possible to have a wristwatch that can measure altitude.  Favre-Leuba created something unique which noone else has done before as far as I know.


They added an aneroid barometer which indicates the altitude at any given time by reacting to the changing air pressure.  Quite a feature in a wristwatch.  And useful as well, not only for hikers or rockclimbers and explorers, but also for pilots I assume.  



The new Bivouac comes in a large 48mm Titanium case.  The totalisor on the right is indicating the elevation.  I was shown how it works and will share a video with you.

As you can see in the video, the red central hand indicates the change in altitude in 50 meter increments and one full turn is 3000 meters.  Three turns are 9000 meters.  The totalisor at 3 o’clock indicates the altitude by 3000 meters steps with the small red hand.


The casesides look quite different and elaborate. I must say, that it has to be the caseshape that makes this watch sit so well on the wrist despite its large size.


I do like the crown sitting so far high up which avoids pressing into your skin when wearing this large watch.



To give you an impression how the watch looks like on a wrist, this is my wrist, I am usually a 40mm guy, what do you think?  Still acceptable?


IMG_3873 wrist

The watch was presented to me during Munichtime.  First time I saw it.  For those who like to know, the new Favre-Leuba has a big investor in the back: Tata Steel.  I think that is great and will garantee longevity of the brand and service.