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I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the new blue dial bronze Tudor Heritage Black Bay on Facebook yesterday.  The brown dial bronze Black Bay was already a hit among collectors around the globe, carrying a „tropical“ style dial in a surprisingly lightweight bronze case which made wearing it a true pleasure.  I am very curious to get my hands on this new blue edition sometime.


To watch lovers everywhere:

Curtain up for the latest addition to the Bucherer BLUE EDITIONS:


The Bucherer cult watch collection has now grown to 15 models: a range built up over the years in cooperation with ten prestigious Swiss watch brands.

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This watch is similar to the previous brown dial Black Bay equipped with a Natostrap.  The overall look is clearly inspired from the vintage Tudor from the 1970s.  While on pictures, the blue on the dial and bezel seems more subdued, I yet have to see it live to judge if the color is close to the vintage piece or not.  No matter what, this definately looks like a stunning watch.


As of May 4th, 2017, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue is exclusively available at all Bucherer boutiques.

May 4, 2017

With the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue, the Bucherer BLUE EDITIONS cult collection now includes a diver’s watch. The sports timepiece from Tudor is the ideal addition to the current watch collection that has been built up in cooperation with ten renowned Swiss watch manufacturers and has been inspired by the color blue.

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„We are thrilled to extend our exclusive „Bucherer BLUE EDITIONS“ collection with such an iconic diver’s watch,“ says Patrick Graf, Director of Watches at Bucherer. “The Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue embodies aesthetics, performance and lifestyle and is available exclusively at Bucherer.“

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The Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue is the perfect fit for the Bucherer BLUE EDITIONS collection. Traditionally, blue has always been the “Tudor color„. It first appeared in 1969, when the watch manufacturer launched the Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner 7021 with a blue dial and blue bezel. This blue served as inspiration for the choice of the color tone of the new model. Even the design itself – the dial and the domed glass – is reminiscent of the first Tudor diver’s watches. In the 1970s, these watches were manufactured in large numbers for the French Navy (Marine Nationale MN with a 3 digit number). The characteristic element of the Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue is its eye-catching, bronze case. Choosing this metal, a durable alloy of aluminum and bronze, allows for a subtle, unique patina that reflects the lifestyle of the wearer, turning the piece into a highly personal collector’s item.

BUC_Blue-Editions_Tudor_1297-220-0 klein

Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue, chronometer, bronze, 43mm, in-house MT5601-caliber movement, textile strap, comes with an additional brown leather strap (used-look), CHF 3800.–, EUR 3730,–.

About Bucherer

Founded in 1888, the family company Bucherer has one of the most distinguished traditions in Europe’s watch and jewellery industry, and over the last 129 years has established for itself an exclusive reputation with its range of exquisite jewellery and prize-winning creations. Its boutiques also offer the company’s international clientele a wide range of luxury watches from renowned brands. Bucherer AG has 16 stores in Switzerland, 10 stores in Germany, and 1 store in Vienna and Copenhagen, as well as the world’s largest watch and jewellery store in Paris at the most exclusive addresses. The company is now in run in the third generation by Jörg G. Bucherer and employs over 1,600 staff.