Hublot Big Bang Ferrrari Magic Gold (only scratchproof gold timepiece in the world)

Hublot Big Bang Ferrrari Magic Gold (only scratchproof gold timepiece in the world)

Last year Hublot introduced its latest innovation: Magic Gold.  And with it came a watch made of magic gold, a composite of 75% gold (24 carats) and 25% ceramic.  Hublot has the patent for the coming 25 years.

This timepiece is limited and called the “Hublot Big Bang Ferrrari Magic Gold“.  Magic gold is scratchproof.  I had the opportunity to test this out while visiting the factory of Hublot.  I took my pocketknife and tried to scratch the piece of magic gold, and it would rather destroy my knife than I could scratch it.  I did however have the honor to scratch my name into the table made of steel where the people are working on developing magic gold.  Hope it will last until my next visit.

While the color of magic gold differentiates significantly from regular 18% gold, it is quite amazing that it still has the gold shine, and the case with polished magic gold has a kind of industrial appearance combined with the gold colored shine.  A unique piece of art and technology.  The movement has a flyback function and there is an open view on the movement from the front.

Not only is the front quite amazing, the back offers at least as much to view for the discerning eye.

The whole story behind Hublot and Ferrari is the result of a great partnership.   Hublot and Ferrari announced their partnership n Italy last November which would make the Swiss watchmaking brand the Italian manufacturer’s exclusive watch partner.

This is no simple agreement for creating a tie-in product, for licensing or sponsorship. The agreement signed covers every single one of Ferrari’s activities, and there really is no end to these: Official Watch for Ferrari, Official Timekeeper for Ferrari, Official Timekeeper for Scuderia Ferrari, Official Watch for Scuderia Ferrari, Official Timekeeper of the Ferrari Challenge, and partner for Ferrari’s special events both in terms of brand image and commercial activities.

This veritable exchange – a sharing of resources and information – was announced by Jean-Claude Biver, (former) Chairman of Hublot, and Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, President of Ferrari S.p.A. on the Mugello circuit, where the finals of the Ferrari Challenge are played out to close the Prancing Horse’s racing season.

(All pictures and parts of the text stem from Hublot pressrelease with permission)

I think going forward we will see more kinds of composite materials which will be developed by Hublot.  Mr. Biver indicated to me at my last meeting with him that we can expect a magic silver timepiece within 12-18 months from now.  I think we can wait and see what will happen.  I am curious, and you?

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