Interview with Erick about his watchcollection

Interview with Erick about his watchcollection

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Months have passed that I first spoke to Erick, dutch watchcollector and lover of especially Rolex watches.  His collection is comprised of modern as well as vintage Rolex timepieces.  And it is quite diverse.  So I thought it could be interesting to interview him and find out about his motivation to collect his watches.  This is the interview:

What brought you to watch collecting?

My dad, I have to blame him for my watch addiction. He gave me a Seiko watch for my 18th birthday and it was a rare one. I was wondering if there were more rare watches in the world and if so, what kind of watches.

Rolex Submariner (116618BKSO)

What was the first watch you bought?

That was a vintage Rolex Submariner with no date (5512). I remember it as yesterday; I went to the store, I saw this watch and I fell in love. This watch is so sexy and cool, so yes, I had to buy this beauty before someone else buys it. I was happy, proud and excited at the same time when I bought the watch. I felt like a child in a candy store and from that moment I knew that this watch is the start of my collection.

It’s well-know that you have a huge collection; may I ask how many watches you have?

Yes, you’re allowed to ask. To be honest, I have no idea. It doesn’t matter for me how many watches I have in my collection. In other words, I never counted them. I enjoy my watches and that’s the only thing that matters to me.

What is your most loved watch you wear?

That is a difficult question to answer, because I love all my watches, but what I can do is mention the watches which I wear the most. My daily beaters are; Rolex Daytona (116509SAO, 116500LN, 16523 BIC and 116519LN), Rolex Submariner (5512, 116610LN, 116618LB and 116613LN) and Rolex Datejust (116234SODJ, 126334BKSJ and 126334BLSJ).

Rolex Daytona (116598 SACO)

Why are you collecting the watches you have?

All my watches that I have bought have a story.


What do you prefer, vintage watches or modern watches?

I have modern and vintage watches, but I have to admit that I love vintage watches more than modern ones. What I really love is the story behind the vintage watches I buy. For example; a Rolex Submariner who has worn by a diver has a story, a soul and character. It’s an honor to buy and wear this kind of watches, especially the watches who are really difficult to get. So yes, it makes me proud and happy to show a piece of history on my wrist.

Do you have a grail watch you wish to own some day, if so, which is it?

Yes, my dream watches are Rolex ‘Bao Dai’ (6062), Rolex ‘Antimagnetique’ Chronograph (4113), a watch that is known to exist only 8 times, and Rolex Daytona ‘Albino’ (6263) and the Rolex Daytona ‘Paul Newman’ (6263).

Rolex Datejust (116234SODJ)

Are you connected to watches in your profession?

Yes and no. Yes, a lot of my colleagues are watch lovers too. No, my profession has nothing to do with collecting watches.

I know that you are a ghost producer and scientist; can you explain what you do?

Ghost producer is like a ghost writer, but then with music. I make music for other DJ’s and artist who are too lazy to do their job. As scientist I do medical trials, but I’m also a chemistry nerd in the lab. In other words, I earn my money with my two biggest passions.

Rolex Day-Date (18238 N.O.S.)

Talking about passion; who are the best sellers in your opinion, collectors or random sellers in the store?

I always go to a watch lover that runs a store. Do you know why? All watch collectors have one thing in common; it doesn’t matter who or what you are, the love for watches is the only thing that counts. People who sell watches without any passion are the worst, they only sell watches for the money and in my opinion is that a shame.

Let’s talk about the new Rolex watches which showed on Baselworld 2019. What is your opinion about the GMT II with a Jubilee bracelet?

Jubilee and Presidential bracelet is for dress watches (like Datejust, Date-Date and Cellini). An Oyster bracelet fits perfect by Submariner, GMT, Sea-Dweller, Yacht-Master and other “sportive” looking watches. In other words, it looks weird in my opinion to see a Jubilee bracelet on a GMT.

Rolex Daytona (16523 BIC)

I saw on your Facebook a post about one of the new Daytona’s. You wrote that Rolex made you cry. I quote: “It’s the first time that I have to say that the watch is really ugly, it looks cheap and not as a real Rolex.” Is it really that ugly?

Yes, it’s one of the ugliest watches Rolex has ever made. Thanks to Rolex, I need at least a year of therapy to process what I have unfortunately seen.

Ok, let’s talk about the nice ones. The new Daytona, which is called ‘Panther’, what do you think about that one?

It’s like the Rainbow; ugly as hell, but I love it.

Rolex Daytona (116509SAO)
Thank you Erick for taking time to talk about yourself and your interest in watches.  To see more of Erick’s watches, take a look at the Dutch Rolex Forum on Facebook.
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