Linde Werdelin Oktopus II

Linde Werdelin Oktopus II

I just was in London and took the opportunity to visit Linde Werdelin who just introduced their latest timepiece, the Oktopus II.  This is a new dive watch which has been designed to carry The Reef, Linde Werdelin‘s own sophisticated dive instrument.  Only hightech materials are used for this timepiece including ceramic and titanium which are resistant to corrosion from salt water.

The case construction is very advanced and assures an air-tight pressure chamber to garantee water resistance.

The date has two datewheels and the Dubois Depraz automatic movement is powering the Oktopus II.

There are three versions, one in rosegold, one with yellow strap and accents, and one with blue accents.  I took photos of the latter two.

 Interesting yellow rings around the screws:

 The Octopus is on the caseback, but also on the crown.

 I had the pleasure of wrapping these timepieces around my wrist.  They are light, they sit well on your wrist, and they are very well executed and the finishing and polishing is superb.  Different fashions of polishing give the watch its own distinctive and partially playful look. 

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