Mondani: 100 years Rolex book and Karl Heinz Rummenigge

Mondani: 100 years Rolex book and Karl Heinz Rummenigge

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I think many people know that the former German soccer stat Karl Heinz Rummenigge loves vintage Rolex.  He wrote this as a recommendation for the Editore Mondani book “100 years Rolex”.

You can order the book directly from me via the above email.  I ship quickly within the German speaking countries.  Other countries take longer and you may be better advised to order straight from Editore Mondani if speed is paramount.

This is from Mr. Rummenigge:
It is a great pleasure for me to write the introduction to the book “1908-2008” 100 YEARS OF ROLEX”, realized from the Editor Guido Mondani to celebrate Rolex’s one hundredth anniversary.
Guido Mondani has been an “AC Milan supporter” since he was born, while I am clearly an Inter Milan supporter, as I played 107 matches and scored 42 goals wearing the black and blue jersey.

The level of conflict arising from our interest for two rival football teams can only be equalled by the passion which unites us for another world, that of Rolex watches. I could not in any way compare myself to my friend Guido Mondani, one of the greatest Rolex watch collectors in the world, however I can boast my own rather important collection.

My passion for watches began when I played for Inter, even if my purchases were limited to modern watches from different brands.
Then, as I had the opportunity to read books about Rolex, published by Mondani and written by authors such as Osvaldo Patrizzi, Lele Ravagnani or Guido Mondani himself, I was overwhelmed by this very exciting and involving world. When I am “on the tracks” of a nice rare Rolex watch, I feel the same spur, which I had when I played and looked for the chance to score a goal.
For all my life I have been in the football world, passing from the field to the management sector. Whilst in the case of the world of Rolex, I began from zero.

Thanks to the books by Guido Mondani, and to the expert advice from Lele Ravagnani, I can safely say that I ’ve progressed from an “amateur” almost to a “professional” (using football terms).

I’m a Rolex Submariner and GMT-Master enthusiast and, it is not just by chance that the editions by Mondani already exist for these two types of watches. Now I will be able to fully develop a truly global interest, because with this new edition it is possible to learn everything there is to know about all Rolex models: from the professional ones to the classic Day-Date and so on.

So in which direction will my passion develop and what will be my next purchases? ONLY ONE THING IS CERTAIN: THEY WILL BE ROLEX WATCHES!


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