New kid on the block: Brüggler bespoke and limited edition chronograph watches made in Switzerland

New kid on the block: Brüggler bespoke and limited edition chronograph watches made in Switzerland

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I met with Michael Brüggler in London last year during SalonQP.  He is the founder and mastermind behind Brüggler Swiss Made To Measure timepieces.  Over 2 years ago, He started HIS avantgarde watch project over 2 years ago.  His aim is twofold:

  • On the one hand, he is offering the unique opportunity to get a watch which can be fully customized using the Bruggler customization engine on their homepage while on the other it is possible as well to introduce limited edition chronographs with characteristic designs which are at the same time very eye pleasing, serving different possible purposes, such as a chronograph for your business attire, a watch for your freetime, or for your sports activities.  The possibilities are endless. In addition, watches can be made for sport clubs, private clubs, car enthusiast clubs, and government bodies with their own logo in limited editions or special editions. The smallest amount made for such a limited edition should be 20 pieces.  There is also a possibilty for anniversary timepieces for companies and corporations.  
    As Bruggler entered the market barely over 6 months ago, this is an early stage, and already Bruggler watches is making headlines in famous magazines such as Vogue, beyond that there are already 8 retail locations including Harrods in London, and one upcoming in Dubai.  There are even governments asking for customized dial options.  This is a young brand which I believe has a great future ahead.

Brüggler Chronograph timepieces are made 100% in Switzerland, all components are guaranteed to be made in Switzerland and no parts come from China.  That is quite unique, as more and more companies are having parts made in China.  Even in Switzerland.  And yes, that makes a difference, especially in price as wages in Switzerland are significantly higher than in China.

There are Quartz and Automatic Chronograph watches from Brüggler:

Quartz and Automatic movements

1. Quartz Chronograph

Brüggler offers Quartz chronographs, primarily for female wearers who like to just wear their watch and not worry about winding or wearing it.  I will show you some examples, but the possibilities are endless to customize YOUR watch.  Enjoy this.

Brüggler Chronograph with Quartz swissmade movement


IMG_8054Chronograph with blacked DLC case and black diamonds.  Very lady like.


IMG_7913 IMG_7901 IMG_8363

In my eyes, I would prefer the Automatic version.  But that is pure personal taste.

2. Automatic chronographs and limited edition timepieces

Brüggler has such a vast array of dial combinations, especially as the main dial can be customized with the color of the inner and outer totalisor.  So the dial consists of three parts, not one.  Main dial, inner totalisor, and outer totalisor. There are currently 28 colors for the main dial alone.


The watch uses the highest finished ETA movement, an A2892-A2 TOP.  This is a tractor movement, and while among WIS there is a crazy obsession with inhouse movements, the investment for an inhouse movement is in the millions and not really possible for a young brand.  This does not mean that at a later time Brüggler will not develop an inhouse movement, but right now, this is it, and it is of extremely high quality, and a tested “tractor”.  This movement is complimented with a Dubois Depraz 2222 ultra thin chronograph module.

IMG_8243 small
First limited edition chronograph: only 88 pieces will be made


IMG_7839A very dressy and elegant option with grey dial.


As opposed to the Quartz timepieces, the automatic chronographs are perfectly symmetric with their totalisors while the Quartz variant has the totalisors above the center level.  It has something to do with the design of the Quartz movement.

IMG_8430 small grauA wristshot

IMG_7853Wristshot with dark olive dial.  DLC coated case. With 5’300 Vickers this is the hardest and finest DLC coating I know of.


IMG_7773View of the caseback.



Harrods London

An amazing accomplishment is that since early 2016 Brüggler timepieces are offered at Harrods in London.  It is the result of Michael’s dedication and passion, and a compliment by Harrods to offer his watches to the public.


Functionality of steel bracelet with quickset change of length

The strap and bracelet clasp has a quickset adjustable function inside to adjust length.

IMG_7851 IMG_8042 IMG_8039

Leather straps are remborde as you can see in pictures.



28 Dial choices:

IMG_8336 dials IMG_8335 dials IMG_8334 dials

I hope you enjoyed this first presentation of a great new watchbrand.  In my eyes, they are offering a service which may virtually be ahead of the time, but as people usually find out what the advantage is of a customized luxury item, for example bespoke clothing, bespoke vaults, bespoke cars, and more, we will see how Brüggler will fare.  If you need more information, do not hesitate to contact me.

IMG_8048Strap color choices.

Brüggler chronographs sell below the 10000 Euro limit, depending on configuration even significantly lower.  Due to the chronograph movement structure, the watches are easily servicable at relatively low cost.









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