News: Kickstarter book “Time for a change” about the lost watch brand Enicar written by Martijn van der Ven

News: Kickstarter book “Time for a change” about the lost watch brand Enicar written by Martijn van der Ven

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Time for a change: a book about the lost watch brand Enicar by Martijn van der Ven

Time for a change, time for a book on vintage Enicar

Let me talk about someone who has extensive and deep knowledge of vintage Enicar timepieces.  Martijn van der Ven does.  He assisted me a few times in the past and helped me to decide if an Enicar watch was good or not.
I found him through Instagram.  This is his account, take a look.
Now Martijn van der Ven started his kickstarter campaign with his own written book about Enicar watches.  I have not seen the total content, but I am confident that the content will be amazing and I really want to help him and support his project.  I already funded the kickstarter campaign.

The Kickstarter campaign was just launched! To get the Enicar book produced, Martijn van der Ven is looking for backers. Your support is needed to fund the graphic design and desk top publishing, copywriting and editing, additional translations, photography and printing.

This is what the book will contain:

  • 250 pages of great photos and stories.
  • A newly discovered interview with Enicar founder Ariste Racine from 1954.
  • 5 special photographic remakes of Enicar watches with a remarkable story, courtesy of Verse Beeldwaren (, including the Enicar Kaleidoscope and military models from 1915 and 1944.
  • New interviews taken in Biel and Lengnau, photographed by Maarten Coolen (
  • The complete story on Enicar and sports: newly found photos and interview with Stirling Moss! Also featuring Jim Clark, Ken Rosewall, Gerhard Mitter, the Swiss gymnastics team, the Tokio Olympic team, iconic cyclist Eddy Merckx, Jacques Anquetil and many more.
  • Inside the factory in Lengnau and the many faces of Enicar employees through the ages.
  • A professional look at the three best known Enicar calibers.
  • Sold worldwide: background stories of how Enicar conquered 90 countries.
  • Old advertisements, brochures and catalogs from all over the planet.
  • This, and much, much more!

Below find a link to the campaign on kickstarter.


As a professional copywriter, Martijn will write the copy for the book himself. He has done extensive research for this book project, but since the watch brand Enicar S.A. went out of business in 1984 and archives were lost, the content of this book can never be 100% factual correct. This is a work of art, design and photography, combined with storytelling.

His book is an independent production. There is no professional publisher involved. He has 20 years of advertising experience and has owned his own advertising agency for 15 years. He is experienced in creating and producing a book, since he has done this for several clients of his agency.

This project is NOT financed by, nor is it affiliated with the Hong Kong company that is currently operating as This book is about the Enicar S.A. company, that was located in Lengnau, Switzerland.

Once again, here is the link to the kickstarter campaign:

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