Born out of a desire to create fine timepieces with a distinctly British character, Garrick, produce watches infused with high quality finishing and delightful details inspired by maritime chronometers. These are timepieces for purists, featuring no-compromise construction and created with a palpable sense of honesty.
Founded by David Brailsford, Garrick, manufacture fine watches in their own dedicated facility in Norfolk, England. Garrick create fine timepieces intended to appeal to horological aficionados and watchmakers alike.


Garrick has now entered a new era in watchmaking with the introduction of a new and exclusive hand-wound movement – the UT-G01. Designed in partnership with eminent watchmaker, Andreas Strehler, the design of the movement, with its prominent balance bridge, is intended to look stereotypically British and is assembled, finished and regulated in Garrick’s own British workshop.

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