Vault Swiss

Founded by Mark Schwarz, former policeman turned watchdesigner turned creator of this exceptional timepiece, Vault Swiss presented their first V1 wristwatch at Baselworld 2018. As it turned out, the watch proves to be a huge success.

“Some years ago, I faced a life and death situation at work. This experience inspired me to fulfil my dream of creating a watch, which is not about timekeeping, but about time itself. That was the moment I decided to dedicate my life to the founding and development of my own horological start-up company.”



The V1 embodies our personal spin on industrial design.

It’s not often we see a watch that’s truly innovative, something that’s not just based on clichéd complications and mundane movements but is an entirely new, utterly unique entity. That’s what we aimed to create with the V1 and, even if we do say so ourselves, we’ve succeeded. Meet the world’s first with a constantly-changing dial powered by a revolving movement. Meet the V1.
Built in limited numbers by the phenomenal Andreas Strehler’s UhrTeil AG from the movement up, our unique concept ensures that no two pieces tell time the same way. The V1 is more than the first Vault watch; it is Vault.


The singular element that makes the V1 so unique is how you read it. While the minutes are read in the conventional way (via the outer dial), the hour is displayed on a unique rotating disc which highlights the current hour of the day.
Every time the watch is set, the movement and dial rotate at different speeds, changing the position of the gears which display the hours. It’s easiest to understand when you see it for yourself, but in practise this means that the layout of the dial will change every time the watch is set. Time never repeats; neither should your watch.


The V1 embodies our personal spin on industrial design. It’s no mystery where we got our inspiration; where else would we lock away a treasure like our in-house movement than inside our own horological vault? From that one thought we designed the V1 to not only look like an imposing bank vault, but to be constructed like one. After all, if time is money, your watch should be Fort Knox.

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