Transition of this blog

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This blog is currently transitioning.  I am hoping that I will not lose any data.  Bear with me.

Update one:

A first step has been accomplished, the data has been transferred. During the transfer some data was lost, as it seems all pictures since January 8th, 2018, are lost. I will try to restore them as I go along. I am just happy that most of the blog was transferred and is working. Thank you to the old team of Exitwatch24.

In the next step, the webpage of will be completely redone, remodeled and made new. The team around David Brailsford from watchconsultant is working hard to make this happen before Baselworld 2018. Stay tuned. I will integrate this blog together with my new sales site where I plan to offer my vintage watches as well as some smaller brands and additional services. Stay tuned.