Ulysse Nardin: a wonderful event in Germany

Ulysse Nardin: a wonderful event in Germany

Last weekend’s Ulysse Nardin event was quite an experience for many collectors and watchenthusiasts. The company initially was focused on creating marine chronometers which were used across all oceans.

Located in la Chaux-de-Fonds/Le Locle, and founded in 1846, the company was hit with the Quartz crisis and bought by Rolf Schnyder in 1983 who turned the company around.

Below you find a piece of silicium:

Nowadays, Ulysse Nardin is leading in using and creating silicium movement parts:

Ulysse Nardin was reborn in 1985 with some major important timepieces.  I will write about it in another post soon. 

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