Vergo Avius: first meeting

Vergo Avius: first meeting

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to welcome Luigi Aguzzi, the CEO, founder and creator of Vergo Avius, a wonderful Swiss made mechanical watch company.  It was my first time to have the opportunity to touch feel wear and view the watch live.  I have to say that what I saw was much different from what I expected.

Finishing, quality, the comfort of wearing the watch, all are absolutely top notch, and this is not some marketing BS.  Everybody who knows me, knows how honest I am.

The depth of the dial was most fascinating, something that a photo cannot convey.

The backside of the watch shows the movement and I lived the rotor.  Despite the movement being an ETA derivate, I think it looks great and it has a high grade of finishing, something I was not expecting.  As Luigi told us, he is working on his own movement and on a new watch already.  I am curious…

Well, here are photos taken by my friend Marcus Behnke from watchlounge forum in Germany.

Hope you enjoy. 

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