Vintage: A Rolex Submariner 6536 with a story from Cuban Jeweler Joyeria Riviera

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This is one exceptional vintage Rolex Submariner.  Not only exceptional, but possibly a unique piece.  Basically a holy grail watch from a private collection.  One lucky owner to call this watch his property.

Rolex_6536-5Rolex Submariner Reference 6536 with Joyeria Riviera from Cuba on dial


This timepiece is a Rolex Submariner from the 1950s, one of the early pieces.  The reference is 6536, and this is an ultrare timepiece originally retailed by the famous Cuban Jeweler Joyeria Riviera ( SEE Joyería Riviera – About Riviera ).  The watch has the retailers name on the dial which is making it even rarer.

Rolex_6536-3The dial shows the writing of Joyeria Riviera.


It was smuggled out of Cuban by its owner before Fidel Castro overthrew the country and took control of peoples properties and assets.  Castro took a key role in the Cuban Revolution by leading the Movement in a guerrilla war against Batista’s forces from the Sierra Maestra. After Batista’s overthrow in 1959, Castro assumed military and political power as Cuba’s Prime Minister.


The actual owner is a respected collector and business man in the watchbusiness.  This watch is his private watch he loves by far most. He told me that he got this watch from the son of the original owner from Minnesota. His dad left it to him when he died a few years ago.


Due to its rarity it is quite difficult to estimate the value, however, with the experience of the owner he believes that the current value of this timepiece is in excess of $80,000.


What makes this watch so special?  Well, it may be a unique piece, but also the history connected to Cuba, to Fidel Castro and to the history of Cuba make this a piece with history and rarity.


This is a timepiece which is so previous and fascinating and I am sure I will never see another one again.  Thank you to the current owner who allowed me to write about this piece.


Rolex made dials with logos and government inscriptions as well as company names until late in 1980s.  The latest ones I know of are the Dominos Pizza dials.  After that, it seems they stopped doing these collaborations.


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I would love to hear from owners with similar dials of the same jeweler?  Message me if you like.


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