Angelus Chronodato vintage

Angelus Chronodato vintage

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Angelus is a watchmanufacturer who once made some of the best watchmovements.  Their Reputation is legendary among collectors. 

The Chronodato is an interesting chronograph with date, day and month display.

Rarely do you see These Chronodatos in the market.  Even rarer are original examples.  From looking at the dial, I believe that the dial on this watch must have been redone, most likely by one of the German dial refinishers. 

Generally, when These old dials look too perfect, they were redone at some Point in time.  I personally do not think it is that bad.  Original dials from the time tend to look often quite bad.  So this way These old timepieces are being conserved to last longer.

Now, every collector has their own expectations.  I understand that some collectors value perfect originality over perfect condition, I belong to them and prefer originality over Looks and condition.  But many People nowadays like to have their watch look good, not showing ist true Age, just as with the Obsession of maintaining the Beauty of Hollywood actresses by attending Beauty surgeons.  Not my Thing, but it is a big trend in several parts of the world, especially in the US and South America, maybe less in Europe.  Not sure how the collectors in different countries look at These old watches and what they prefer?  What do you think?

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