Bob’s Watches and the World’s Very First Pre-Owned Rolex Exchange

Bob’s Watches and the World’s Very First Pre-Owned Rolex Exchange

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There was once a time in history in which sellers of used  Rolex watches couldn’t be sure how much their timepieces were worth. One would have to track down a pre-owned Rolex specialist and have his or her watch examined prior to getting an estimate. And then, what if they wanted to sell their beloved watch? Finding the best Rolex buyers willing to pay the right amount was a definite chore. 
In 2010, Bob’s Watches officially took the guessing game off of the table, as Rolex enthusiasts were finally provided the world’s first and only Pre-Owned Rolex Exchange where consumers are able to buy, sell, and trade used Rolex watches at true fair market value. Want to sell a Rolex Submariner or buy a Rolex GMT? No problem. Just visit Bob’s Watches and you can plainly see the buy and sell prices listed side by side indicating market value Rolex prices.

For instance, if a Rolex owner wants to sell a pre-owned Rolex GMT or other model, they are able to connect instantly with the staff and gain an immediate quote. Additionally, it is possible to view similar watches online and see their published “buy” and “sell” prices.
According to Paul Altieri CEO of Bob’s Watches, the program was developed to build a trustworthy and information-rich marketplace that both buyers and sellers of Rolex watches can benefit. “We differ from other pre-owned Rolex brokers in many ways,” said Altieri. “But the most important way that we differ is in creating a transparent and fair system that benefits all parties involved.”
In order to create such benefits, Bob’s tends to purchase pre-owned Rolexes for 30 percent more than other brokers on average. The purchasing price often varies due to a number of factors including the year a particular watch was released to market; degree of rarity; type of bracelet, dial, and bezel; and whether a watch still holds its original parts (the more original the better). The Bob’s staff enjoys educating their clients on the ins-and-outs of Rolex watch values, which is perfect for those who want to learn more.
On the other hand, if a vintage Rolex collector seeks to purchase a Rolex Submariner, DateJust, or any other model, Bob’s posts all pricing and offers numerous models from which to choose. “The buying process is fully transparent,” shared Altieri. “In fact, because of our no-nonsense approach, many customers return and inspire our staff to find them an exact watch. They know that we have their best interest at heart.”
Altieri isn’t kidding when he says he takes his business seriously. This may be why the Better Business Bureau has provided the company with an A+ rating. For more information please  visit BobsWatches.
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