Habring2 Foudroyante

Habring2 Foudroyante

Watches made in Austria?  Don’t we all think of Switzerland when it comes to fine mechanical timepieces?  Well, Habring2 is based in Austria, about 100 handmade watches leave the manufacture annually, all made by the Habring couple which explain the number “2” after their name.

 The Habring2 Foudroyante was introduced in 2010 based on a Valgrange movement.  The Foudroyante is a racing second in the smaller circle on the dial.  It looks like it is running around like crazy making a full turn every second.  One can only imagine how much of a challenge the implementation of this little fast running seconds hand was. 

 The face of this watch possesses a classic appearance, the central seconds hand is based on a patented jumping second which Habring introduced as the first manufacture in 2007.

 The dial has different shades of polishing which give is an interesting appearance of changing Colors.

 The case is 42mm, and as you will see in the wristshot further down, it sits nicely on my wrist. 

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