Bespoke Dornblüth handmade Regulator ref. 99.REG made to client specification

Bespoke Dornblüth handmade Regulator ref. 99.REG made to client specification

I am working with different watchmakers in Germany and Switzerland including Dirk Dornblüth to create unique pieces and bespoke timepieces for my clients. 

These watches are usually the result of longer relationships and many long night discussions where I find out what some clients have on their mind and dream of.  So in a way, you can view me as someone who realizes their dreams.  Once I see that a client wants a bespoke timepiece, I start the process with them.  I take notes until I understand what they want, and if I do not yet know from which watchmaker he wants his watch yet, I figure that out as well based on his dreams and imagination.  These processes are incredibly satisfying for both sides.  They take time and patience which is often not my own strength neither that of most of my clients.  It is a lot of fun figuring out which brand can deliver what they want and then starting with initial design ideas such as the dial look, color, etc..  Then hands.  Then if they want lume on the hands and dial or not?  There are many small steps until you reach the point of “no return”.  Do they want a handwound movement or an automatic movement?  What kind of finishing do they want?  You get the idea.  Nothing more exciting than this for a true watchenthusiast.

So here we go and have a bespoke request for a wristwatch from Dornblüth in Kalbe (Altmark) in Germany.

Dornblüth is a German watchmaker who makes watches the old fashioned way.  You will be hardpressed to find Computer, CAD or hightech machinery in his workshop. Dornblüth is a small but very fine watchmanufacture.  Their timepieces are nicely handfinished, the hands are usually handblued over heat (flame).  Depending on the dial color, the hands can be painted white.  There are choices between lumed and nonlumed hands and indices.

This is currently an ongoing project.  The watch has been ordered by the client who has grown to become a good friend.  We have many discussions about all kind of things in life, foremost about watches.  At this point, I gather that him and me are very excited about this project, the final designs are done and the watch is being made at the workshop of Dornblüth.

Let me show you a few things about the watch.  It will have a black dial, based on the regular model with reference 99.REG as you see below:

We took the above design and discussed further changes along the way of below pictures:

The red circles indicate that these text bits should be in red color.

In the end, the ordered timepiece will look like this.  There is another 2 months approximate waittime now as there is a lot of handwork and individualisation going into this watch.

Take a look:

The movement will be in rosegold coloring with stripes similar to Geneva stripes, well, let me call them “German stripes”.

The movement will have a personal engraving of the client’s initials.

Once the watch is finished, I will post the final result.  Should you consider a bespoke timepiece, I can assist you in your realization of your horological dreams.  I can create collaborations with different watchmakers as well, and there is an unlimited possibility of what can be made, be it a simple two or three-hand timepiece or an artisanal watch, or a complicated perpetual calendar or minute repeater.  I am there for all you dreamers to assist you.

My email is

My phone is in Germany at: +49-177-295-4923

I hope you enjoyed this reading.  I cannot reveal everything yet, but I am working on other bespoke timepieces with other watchmakers as well.  So stay tuned.  This is an interesting journey.

Thank you for your interest.  Boris Pjanic


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