The watchesandart blog was founded in Chicago in 2008.  Watchesandart is talking about vintage watches as well as modern watches.  Watchesandart likes to bring you articles about watches that are rare, watches you cannot find at your local jeweler.  Watches with stories and history, with emotion and passion which we like to share with you.

Since 2010 the blog is run from Germany.

In addition to the blog, the founder of watchesandart is running a vintage watch business from Germany.  Watches can be handed over personally either in the Hamburg area or between Düsseldorf and Cologne.  Shipping is also possible around the globe.  The watches in the blog are mostly photographed by us aside from pressphotos at times. We may not own the watches which should be obvious.


Fa. Boris Pjanic

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Inhaber: Boris Pjanic
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Vic­tor Graf von Schw­erin
Dorotheen­straße 84
22301 Ham­burg
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