Vintage Watch Repairs

Revising and repairing of vintage watches has become quite a difficult challenge.

There are many things to look for and to consider.

While there are tons of watchmakers who are able to repair and revise watches, many
do not know what to consider when they have a vintage watch on their table. They mostly
lack experience and are not involved in the vintage arena.

I have been collecting and trading vintage watches for 20 years now. This has allowed me
to connect with many people in the know and in the business as well as with many collectors.

Therefore, I know what is important. I discuss every repair or revision in detail in advance,
we sit down and we write down what the clients needs.

I know that many clients do not want their vintage watch polished. This will be
conveyed to the watchmaker who does the work.

I have watchmakers on my hands that are specialized in certain models or brands. When
a client needs help, I speak with them to find out who can do the work and what is needed.

The parts situation is not getting any better, but I still have watchmakers who have parts.


Services offered:

  •  watch revision
  •  watch repair
  •  movement repair
  •  dial repair (this is highly specialized and difficult)
  •  Polishing of cases
  •  Battery replacements
  •  Strap replacements

Cost will be discussed in each individual situation.

The most important is that the work is done properly.