News: Purple – the new version of the CENTRAL SECOND Moritz Grossmann timepiece

News: Purple – the new version of the CENTRAL SECOND Moritz Grossmann timepiece

Sporty elegance with an expressive color scheme
Purple – the new version of the CENTRAL SECOND
  • Central seconds display
  • Purple sunburst dial
  • HyCeram Luminex hands for luminous time display in the dark
  • Polished stainless steel case
  • High-quality, hand-stitched black kudu leather strap
Energetic, dynamic, expressive – with a new color variant, Moritz Grossmann continues the success of the ZENTRALSEKUNDE presented last year. The expressive and sophisticated shiny purple dial makes a tasteful and self-confident statement on the wrist. The modern look of the ZENTRALSEKUNDE Purple is underlined by a black, hand-sewn kudu leather strap.
Moritz Grossmann KEY SECOND Purple
With the ZENTRALSEKUNDE, Moritz Grossmann launched a timepiece with a decidedly contemporary and sporty look last year. In contrast to most of the other models from the Glashütte watch manufacturer, which integrate a small second display at 6 o’clock as a tribute to history, the CENTRAL SECOND displays the second centrally from the center of the dial. The slim polished steel second hand is an elegant eye-catcher and moves smoothly around its axis at the center of the dial. The combination with the case made of polished stainless steel and the intensively luminescent hour and minute hands give it a sporty and elegant appearance. Together with the innovative manufacture movement, finished according to all the rules of Glashütte precision watchmaking,
Purple dial with luminous hands
The new version of the CENTRAL SECOND demonstrates the surprising effect that color can have. Intensive purple gives the dial with central second display an expressive aura that underlines the noble understatement that results from the perfectly coordinated proportions of all details. Thanks to the filigree, radiating sunburst finish, the shade, which is reminiscent of a blooming lavender field, is reflected in a spectrum of fine nuances, depending on the viewing angle and the lighting conditions. It forms an expressive background for the rich white numerals as well as the white hour and minute hands and the slim stainless steel bezel, which is also polished to a high gloss.
With their HyCeram Luminex filling, they also make it easy to read the time, even in the dark. The hybrid ceramic has high-performance afterglow pigments that fluoresce intensively and long-lastingly in a light green tone in the dark.
The caliber 100.11
The caliber 100.11, finished according to all the rules of the art, also offers a distinctive play of colors. The finest cuts and polishes allow the ensemble made of nickel silver to shine. The hand-tempered purple screws harmonize discreetly.
Caliber 100.11 – movement side
Caliber 100.11 – dial side
To ensure that the second hand rotates in the center of the dial, Grossmann’s designers transferred the force of the mainspring from the third wheel to the new central fourth wheel in the center of the movement via an additional intermediate wheel. For a harmonious and aesthetically even overall picture, they aligned all components of the wheel bridge on one level. For this purpose, both the wheel bridge and the ratchet wheel have been increased in height.

Perfect craftsmanship can be seen, for example, in the flanks of the ratchet wheel, which are generously hand-chamfered towards the top and polished to a high gloss. In addition, the ratchet wheel is refined with a fine ray finish.

In contrast to other movements of the manufactory, the crown wheel of the ZENTRALSEKUNDE Purple is covered by the wheel bridge. In addition to the ratchet wheel, the new intermediate wheel, which is also very striking in terms of size and highly finished, can be admired in connection with the central seconds wheel. 
The gear shanks of the idler wheel are polished by hand.
Grossmann’s manual winding with pusher

The manual winding mechanism with pusher developed in-house includes a perfected hand setting mechanism that eliminates two possible sources of error: the penetration of foreign particles into the case during the setting process and an unintentional adjustment of the hands when the winding crown is pushed back.

The ZENTRALSEKUNDE Purple is limited to 25 copies worldwide.
The ZENTRALSEKUNDE Purple in the Online Boutique
The new variant ZENTRALSEKUNDE Purple and the entire collection are now available in the Moritz Grossmann Online Boutique.
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Moritz Grossman Watches:

Moritz Grossmann, born in Dresden in 1826, was considered a visionary among the great German horologists. His friend, Ferdinand Adolph Lange, convinced the highly talented young watchmaker to set up his own mechanical workshop in Glashütte in 1854. In addition to building a respected watchmaking company, Grossmann was politically and socially involved, in 1878 he founded the German watchmaking school. Moritz Grossmann died unexpectedly in 1885 and his watch manufacture was closed.

The spirit of Moritz Grossmann’s traditional watchmaking has been revived since 2008, when trained watchmaker Christine Hutter discovered the old Glashütte watch brand “Moritz Grossmann” and had it protected. She developed concepts and was inspired by the vision of taking on Grossmann’s legacy after a good 120 years with a particularly fine wristwatch. She convinced private watch lovers to support her in realizing her dream. On November 11, 2008, she founded Grossmann Uhren GmbH in Glashütte.

Today, Grossmann’s watchmakers uphold tradition without copying historical pieces. With innovation, the highest craftsmanship, with traditional but also modern production methods and noble materials, they celebrate “most beautiful German craftsmanship” with their watches.  

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