Handcraft: Kudoke 1 in steel



“More than 15 years ago, Stefan said to my wife, ‘I have a crazy idea: I will manufacture my own watches!’” At that time, Stefan Kudoke was a student who had already finished his master-watchmaker’s degree and had worked at renowned brands like Glashütte Original, Breguet, and Blancpain before.

With the founding of his eponymous brand in 2008, Stefan pursued his dream full-time and made a name for himself as a creator of exceptionally artistic hand-skeletonized and hand-engraved timepieces among his KUNSTwerk collection. Of the emergence of his second collection, the HANDwerk line, Stefan explained, “After more than 10 years, I refined my skeletonizing skills to their utmost, and I found myself in a position where I wanted to develop my watchmaking skills further. To use old techniques and keep the practical know-how of traditional watchmaking alive has always been very important to me.” And he brought this to fruition with the first two models of his new collection: KUDOKE 1 & 2.

With his first own movement, Stefan has fulfilled his dream. Valuable lessons were drawn from the old masters, specifically those of the German-English traditional handcraft of precision watchmaking. “During the development of the Kaliber 1, I was inspired by the design of historical English pocket watches whose use of forms I incorporated into my movement. Ages ago I bought an old English pocket watch movement that lay unused in a drawer for a long time. One day it fell into my hands again, just as the idea of Kaliber 1 began to take shape.”


Based on KALIBER 1, Stefan Kudoke developed a dial-side movement modification that facilitates a 24-hour indication at 12 o’clock. The hand finished movement – KALIBER 1 in version 24H – is visible through the display caseback. Moreover, the functionality is beautifully rendered through Stefan Kudoke’s trademark creativity with a stunning hand engraved and domed sky disk indicator plated in three colors on the dial. Although a small golden triangle traces the hours in a 24-hour cycle, even a furtive glance at the generously sized sky disk will intuitively point the wearer to the time of day or night.

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The steel case Kudoke 1:

stainless steel – sapphire glass on front and caseback – onion crown – case height 9.5 mm – case diameter 39 mm

Price upon request.