Update to the Enicar book writing process

Update to the Enicar book writing process

Take a look at this kickstarter project.  Martijn van der Ven is working hard on writing his Enicar book.  This has to be the first comprehensive Enicar book.

If you like to order the book, please click here to go to the kickstarter page for it.

So here we give you some impressions of Martijn’s current work.  There are 5 watches in the book which are receiving extra attention and he is writing about 2-3 pages of their history.

Today, Martijn is went to see a French World War 1 museum together with his photocrew.  He is trying to document the supposedly oldest Enicar and document it in the book. Below you find a few pictorial impressions from today to give you an impression of how much work is behind the book.


(pictures taken from a post at with permission)

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