Arnold & Son unites exquisite, hand-painted dials with the fine art of Haute Horlogerie

Arnold & Son unites exquisite, hand-painted dials with the fine art of Haute Horlogerie

Over the past couple years, Arnold & Son has been bringing more and more artistic timepieces to market. Oftentimes unique pieces. Mostly due to the fact that there is so much work going into creating them.

I have visited them several times. It is one of the lesser known brands which creates absolutely amazing timepieces. They are digging back in their heritage of John Arnold who was a very famous watchmaker together with Breguet and Jürgensen back in the time. They find old pocketwatches or even tableclocks and miniaturize them into wristwatches. To date, they have done some absolutely amazing work including the “Time Pyramid” for example, but also are keeping up old artistic skills which are getting rarer to find in Switzerland. The below timepieces are perfect example for the latter.

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Métiers d’Art Dragon Unique Pieces

Arnold & Son unites exquisite, hand-painted dials with the fine art of Haute Horlogerie


The Métiers d’Art Dragon Unique Pieces from Arnold & Son will appeal to watch connoisseurs who appreciate finest-quality watchmaking combined with beautiful arts and crafts. Each of the two unique pieces depicts a hand-painted dragon miniature, the rich, deep colours set off to perfection by the understatement of the dial in white mother-of-pearl. The exclusive nature of these two wonderful references is underscored by their limitation to just one example of each model.

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In Chinese mythology the dragon is a divine creature signifying power and good fortune, and is the free spirit of the zodiac. The models comprising the Métiers d’Art Dragon Editions from Arnold & Son were created to celebrate this divine creature. Each dragon is depicted in a hand-painted miniature, executed with exquisite delicacy of touch and featuring fine details that evoke the depth and texture of the dragon.

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The expertly applied layers of paint and nuances of colour create a breathtaking sense of three-dimensional depth. As Philippe Boven of Arnold & Son explains: “The art of hand-painting miniatures takes many years of concentrated practice to perfect, and these exquisite dragons presented our specialists with an ideal opportunity to showcase their skills.” The sumptuousness of the dragon is a counterpoint to the simplicity of the white mother-of-pearl dial, which shimmers entrancingly with the play of light.


Available in two distinctive references, the HM Dragon Unique Piece and the UTTE Dragon Unique Piece.

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Each unique piece boasts a different Arnold & Son in-house movement: the HM Dragon, with the ultra-thin A&S1001 movement with over 90 hours of power reserve; and the UTTE, featuring the ultra-thin tourbillon calibre A&S8200 with a one-minute flying tourbillon and over 90 hours of power reserve. The movements are housed in 18-karat rose gold and 18-karat red gold cases, respectively, with black alligator straps.


Each model of the Métiers d’Art Dragon is limited to just one example. If desired, the watch is available with or without a diamond-set bezel.

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