Nivrel Heritage wristalarm

Nivrel Heritage wristalarm

The German watch with a Swiss heart is what you read when you enter the Nivrel homepage.

Quite a while ago I met Guido and Anja who are the owners and heirs to the Nivrel manufacture in Saarbrugge in the far west of Germany not too far from the French border.

Since we met, we have been in touch ever once in a while.  I visited their manufacture last summer and found out that the family has a history in watchmaking and jewelry.

When I met with the two last time, I told them about my faible for wristalarm timepieces.  As fate wants it, Nivrel has a wristalarm in their current heritage collection.  Guido promised me to send me a sample to show on my blog and finally months later here it is.

Nivrel has been making timepieces since 1936.

While this wristalarm is housed in a rather small case by today’s standard of 38mm, it carries many functions, including hours, minutes, seconds, alarm setting, day and date. 

The beautiful black dial has a guilloche like pattern on it.

And last but not least, I will make a video with the alarm sounding off.  😉

I will write another contribution in the coming days about this watch with videos and wristshots.  Stay tuned.

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