Rolex Submariner Reference 6536 – rare this perfect!

Rolex Submariner Reference 6536 – rare this perfect!

My good friend recently acquired a stunning example of one of the lesser known Rolex Submariners.  The reference 6536 is housed in a smaller case, and possesses a small crown.  The dial exudes a stunning patina and this example is in really perfect condition, the case if at all barely polished, the dial is excellent condition.

 Doesn’t the sun emphasize the stunning patina?

I rarely see this reference.  Many people are looking for Big Crowns which command a much higher premium over this “Small Crown” Submariner. Nevertheless, this watch wears extremely comfortable just like most of these watches from the period do.  This is a later 1950s example, I cannot imagine that it spent a lot of time on the wrist.
 I find that this watch has a timeless elegance combined with a beautiful vintage patina.  It is an understate timepiece for every day wear if you want.  And as long as you maintain the 1030 movement well, it is a reliable wearer.

 The original red triangle bezel, they are getting very rare to find:

 Even on a leather strap (from ABP in Paris) this watch looks even nicer:

 The case is still fat and sharp, after over 50 years:

 Original crown as you can see above.

Vintage becomes a different notion when you see such an  amazing timepices in such condition.  We are talking about over 55 years that have passed.  Most watches do not even exist any more after such a long time.  In addition, most watches like this come with so many replacement or aftermarket parts, because it is getting harder and harder to find original parts, and yet, this example has the original bezel, original dial and hands.  What else can a collector wish for?  This is a dream come true.
Thank you to my friend for letting me use his pictures. 
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