Rudis Sylva Harmonious Oscillator (oscillateur harmonieux)

Rudis Sylva Harmonious Oscillator (oscillateur harmonieux)

I cannot get this watch out of my head.  When I visited Geneva during GTE and SIHH, I had the honor and pleasure of meeting Monsieur J. Epitaux who is the cofounder of this watchbrand called Rudis Sylva.
Monsieur Epitaux not only introduced me to his new watch, and to the technology behind this watch, but also invited me to the Jura mountains where he resides and where he created this watch together with several highly talented people, including a young finish Masterwatchmaker, a guillocheur, an emailleuse, and other people who contribute to the creation of what must be one of the most innovative timepieces in Switzerland at the moment. 
This video is virtually an overview of my visit:

The first day I arrived in Geneva for the GTE and SIHH, Rudis Sylva had a press presentation with a party afterwards in this location:
My first shots of the Rudis Sylva timepieces.  There are square and round versions.  All of them possess the harmonious oscillator.
The Square version allows a view on the movement from the side.  Looks quite amazing.

Behind the creation of this watch stands a family that has been in watchmaking for centuries. 
Watchmaking started over 400 years ago in the Jura.  Most of the people were farmers back then, but during the cold wintermonths, they could not do their farm work and wanted to create something else.  An interesting aspect that helps you to identify the former farmer’s homes as being homes to watchmakers, is that they have 2 or 3 windows really close to eachother.  I was able to enter the farm of one family and take a photo from the inside showing you the close two windows:

While tracing the roots in the Jura mountains, I was introduced to the emailleuse (enameler) who creates the back enamel work for this timepiece.  The sun clock is inspired by her birthhome.  Take a look at this picture:
And this is what the beautiful back looks like on the watch:

 Jacky Epitaux took me around, we visited the root of his family who used to be watchmakers.  We also visited his masterwatchmaker, who is finnish, Mika.  Take a look at his workbench:
The masterwatchmaker explained to me the working of the harmonious oscillator in detail.  I wish, I was an engineer.
The harmonious oscillator basically is able to eliminate the effects of gravity on a wristwatch, something that a tourbillon is not able to.  Why?  Well, a tourbillon can eliminate the gravity in one position only, while the harmonious oscillator can eliminate it in all positions.  This is a true accomplishment in watchmaking.  I think it may be safe to call it a small watchmaking revolution…
I would like to extend a thank you to Jacky Epitaux for welcoming me and taking time to show me so much watchmaking history, his own impressive complicated timepieces, and giving me such an interesting experience in Switzerland and above all, giving me so much insight into watchmaking in Switzerland.

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