Vincent Plomb et Vicenterra

Vincent Plomb et Vicenterra

 I had the great pleasure to meet Vincent Plomb, creator and founder of Vicenterra, at Baselworld this year.

 The GMT-3 as this watch above is called has quite a load of functions, it has a retrograde date indicator, shows hours, minutes and seconds in a subdial, and has a day and night indicator.  And wait, I missed something, in the lower right corner, what is this? Well, you see a sperical earth which looks really cool and unique.  The movement is based on an highly modified ETA 2892.

 Abovce some impressions of the new upcoming Vicenterra timepiece.

 Some closeup shots, you can see the perfect execution of the dial.  For those who like big watches, this watch is BIG.  Very large, but wears really comfortable on your wrist as I tried it on mine and I truly do not have a mega big wrist. 

 A view on the movement enriches the retrograde date indication.

 The sperical earth is like a small ball turning according to the timezones.

 Merci a Vincent for taking time to meet with me and spend an amazing 2 hours talking about his watches, about the watchindustry and his future plans. 

I am looking forward to see what Vincent will come up with next.

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