Who is Serpico y Laino?

Who is Serpico y Laino?

As luck wanted it, I have the pleasure to present to you a Rolex watch from the late 1950s with a dial imprint of Serpico Y Laino.  Most people may not know who is behind this name.


I have done some Research in order to compile as much comprehensive information as possible.

If you clicked on the above link beneath Serpico Y Laino, you know that they are a Rolex authorized dealer.  Beyond that, they have a long history that connects them with Rolex already in the late 1950s.  At that time, watches such as the GMT, Datejust, Submariner, Seadwellers, and others, were issued with Rolex authorized imprints of Serpico Y Laino on Rolex watch dials.

If you didn’t click on every link underneath Serpico Y Laino, I recommend, you go back and do, because each link is different and hides a wealth of Information.  It is a company with an old history based in Caracas, Venezuela.

In this post you find a Rail Dial Seadweller Ref. 1665 with Serpico Y Laino imprint.

While it is not an easy topic and there are quite a few challenges to judge authenticity of Serpico Y Laino Rolexes, it is just as interesting and fascinating.  Quite a few discussions were Held at the Vintage Rolex Forum in the past, and yes, some Dealers mistakenly bought these watches and they turned out wrong.  Since then, we have learned a lot. 

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