Cooperation between Exitwatch24 and Watchesandart

Cooperation between Exitwatch24 and Watchesandart

This blog is receiving a comprehensive revamp.  New design, modern Appeal.  Going Forward, I plan to contribute daily new articles about watches, with at least one daily photo, as soon as the new revamped blog is going live which I expect to happen some time in December 2013.

There will be a cooperation between, a German watchsite and Provider for watchoffers, and starting in 2014 or as early as the new revamped blog is going live.  This cooperation will Support this blog in the way as I will get much more Access to watches by different jewelers in Germany.  It will mean a lot of work in the beginning for me until I get accustomed to everything.  At the same time, you will get to see a lot of new and different watches, vintage, and modern.  There are a couple things that I do not know yet about how the future will go, but I have ideas and plans.  Stay tuned.  More to come.  Last but not least, this blog will be found under my Homepage, but not under this blogspot account as it is moving over to wordpress.  Details will be mentioned as soon as the design of the new blog is ready to rock and roll…

I am contemplating to contribute about art in this blog, simply due to the title.  Details about this will come about next year I hope.

Stay tuned. 

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