Impressions from Andreas Strehler’s summer party

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This was more than a fun party in Sirnach, the German speaking part of Switzerland.  The drive takes you past Zurich to a rather remote and rural area where the manufacture of Andreas Strehler is located.


Andreas Strehler is known in the industry as the „engineer for the Brands and watchmaker for the few“.  Taking a closer look at what he does reveals why:

Andreas Strehler has been known to develop movements and resolve mechanical problems few others can.  He designed the movements for Moser & Cie. for example including the amazing perpetual calendar which is considered to be one if not the simplest perpetual calendar timepiece to use and set. He designed the hidden crown on Lehmann watches as far as I know, an ingenious mechanism.

IMG_0654 markThe picture shows for which brands he has been working silently.  Among them for Harry Winston, Maurice Lacroix, Moser & Cie., and others including current projects with Vault and Garrick.


This covers the engineer, but why the watchmaker for the few?  Well, he makes his own timepieces in such a small annual production, most likely less than 10 pieces, maybe slightly more.  He only smiles at me when I ask him.  Nevertheless the Sauterelle and Papillon timepieces are truly rare watches.

IMG_0682 mark

Andreas Strehler’s latest watch was just presented at Baselworld, the complicated Sauterelle a Heure Mondiale.  I will write a separate post about this timepiece.  In the meantime, enjoy the quick look at this watch which is a true masterpiece.

IMG_0477 blog2Sauterelle a Heure Mondiale

And a quick glance at the caseback reveals more functions of this timepiece:

IMG_0504 casebackCaseback of the Sauterelle Heure Mondiale


Back to the party which had quite an illustrous group of meaningful people from the watchindustry attending.  I must admit, even though I am blogging since 2008 and visiting Switzerland every once in a while and even though I have met many people as well as having visited quite a few manufactures, I am not familiar with all the faces which are especially meaningful in the swiss watchmaking world.  Even more fascinating to see them live for the first time, and I wish someone introduced me to some of them some time as they may be quite interesting in the future to interview for this blog possibly…

I hate namecalling, as that often comes across as pretentious, but in this case, it is unavoidable and showing the presence of this event.

Let me start with my friend Sebastien Chaulmontet, author of the book „Chronographes de collection“ published in french and english and he is currently writing on a german version.  He is going to display a part of his watchcollection starting July 3rd at Beyer in Zurich.  I can only recommend to visit the exhibition.

IMG_0688 markSebastien Chaulmontet on the left of Andreas Strehler, the host and founder of the manufacture by the same name.


Mister Pfeiffer-Belli, wellknown and respected German journalist and responsible for the German watchmagazine „Klassik Uhren“, was also in attendance.  He auctioned a large part of his watchcollection off at Auctionata in 2014.  I happen to have consulted Auctionata late in 2016.  Unfortunately, despite some interesting concepts and a global strategy, things did not work out for Auctionata.

IMG_0672 markMister Pfeiffer-Belli in conversation with Mark Schwarz, founder of Vault (swiss).

This brings me right to the next person, Mark Schwarz, swiss born, with a diverse background and a highly spirited person.  I starting to communicate with Mark while he was on a trip around the world presenting his upcoming watchbrand and watch, the Vault 1, inspired by the vault.  There is a lot more to this upcoming brand which is developed in cooperation with Andreas Strehler. Mark’s trip around the world was an amazing experience he told me.  I will write more about his brand as his watch is not yet in the final stage.

IMG_0644 markPaul Gerber with his wife


Paul Gerber is a wellrespected watchconstructor based in Zurich.  For more information, feel free to check his homepage.


IMG_0661 markLudwig Oechslin in conversation.


Ludwig Oechslin is responsible for Ulysse Nardin’s „Trilogy of Time“ as well as the „Moonstruck“ astronomical timepiece. Beyond his past, he is the founder and brain behind „Ochs and Junior“ and has focussed his efforts on rather simplifying watches than making them complicated.  He enjoys tremendous respect in the Swiss watchindustry.

IMG_0663 markKurt Klaus on the left of Andreas Strehler


Kurt Klaus is responsible for the IWC perpetual calendar with the double moon which he designed in 1985.  He is over 80 years old and considered to be a true legend in swiss watchmaking.



I regret that I had to leave early as I truly enjoyed my time a lot.  I am looking forward to the next event, most likely taking place in London.

Thank you, Andreas and Michael, for the wonderful invitation.