Maurice de Mauriac: First Tourbillon

Maurice de Mauriac: First Tourbillon

Daniel from Maurice de Mauriac introduced his first Tourbillon recently.  I just had the pleasure to visit him and see the Tourbillon live.  Quite amazing with the dialless presentation.

The watch is housed in a 42mm case made of Titanium with a gold bezel.  As always with Maurice de Mauriac, there is a great spectrum of variation possible, different case and bezel materials may be used based upon customer’s preference.

I tried to capture some macroshots showing the Tourbillon and other parts of the front of the watch.

 The back of the Tourbillon is just as impressive as the front.

Powerreserve of the manual movement is a solid 72 hours.

If a customer has any special wishes, the watch can be made to his specifications in large part.  Special polishing and finishing on the movement can be arranged.

While Maurice de Mauriac is based in Zurich, and usually writes on the dial “Made in Zurich”, this timepiece is made in the region of Neuchatel, the heart of Swiss watchmaking.

Maurice de Mauriac is offering their watches since 1997.

An impressive accomplishment by Daniel and his team.  I really like the rose gold bezel on the watch pictured, which empasizes the face of it.

Daniel told me that he already has several people placing orders for this Tourbillon.  I wonder why I am not surprised?

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