Max Büsser and friends MB&F: MAD Gallery in Geneva

Max Büsser and friends MB&F: MAD Gallery in Geneva

Max Büsser and friends MB&F: MAD Gallery in Geneva

MB&F is primarily inspired by machines.  The watches of MB&F are called horological machines, and the connection between these machines and the artistic component behind it has lead Max Büsser to open his first gallery in Geneva.

You may ask yourself, how does a watch manufacturer come to open a gallery?  He cannot be selling paintings, antiquities or similar things?

I was invited to visit MAD Gallery in early January during SIHH.  The meeting with Charris Yadigaroglou, Head of communication at MB&F, was extremely interesting and impressive.  It clearly showed the passion behind their watches and the whole venture of Mb&F. 

I quickly realized that not only the watches are unique pieces of art as as well as machines but that there is a deep inspiration of machines that goes throughout the gallery, from the watches to the pieces of art that are displayed and also for sale.

For example, the extraordinary lamp creations by a Berlin artist who makes his lamps completely with his hands, true manufacture.  There is also a really amazing bicycle, and a few other pieces of art that has always a machine background.  My visit was characterized by the fascination of the creativity and passion which stands behind MB&F.   Well, take a look at the photos to get a glimpse.

The entrance and front of the MAD Gallery:

The horological machine: derived from the Thunderbolt A10.

Actual timepiece Legacy Machine Number 1:

The unbelievably unique bicycle design:

MB&F is always looking for artists around the globe that do something extraordinary and that have a link to machinery.  They actually help unknown artists to gain popularity like that.

Handmade lamp designed and created by Frank Buchwald, the artist in Berlin.  The work behind this lamp and his other creations must be incredibly high, as it is all handmade.

This construction comes from a Chinese artist, and you can actually pull it out and then the whole thing like like a crazy bicylce or something like that.  The studio of this artist looks amazing, like chaos, but really impressive.

And finally, one more look at this beautiful machine, the latest: Legacy Machine Number 1.  Watch the video, it is very interesting.

The Legacy number 1 is a unique timepiece in many ways.  There is the hidden part of the movement that someone who is not an engineer or watchmaker my not see, however, there is the front with two timezones on the dial.  And the implementation of these two timezones is unique, as it allows to set the two timezones completely independent, they can vary by one minute, 10 minutes, 4 hours, any timedifference is possible.  That is unique and this is the only watch that I know of to be capable of this.

Some other interesting machines that actually work.

I am excited and looking forward to my next meeting at Baselworld.

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