Jean-Claude Biver at Tsinghua University in Beijing

Jean-Claude Biver at Tsinghua University in Beijing

I wish that someone of this caliber gave a speech when I got my MBA.  This must have been an exciting and interesting experience for the students.

[November 29th, 2012 – Beijing] As first and unique Swiss luxury watch brand combining precious metals with rubber, the birth of Hublot raised a revolution in the watchmaking industry. From watch complications and revolutionary materials to world class collaborations such as FIFA World CupTM, Formula OneTM and Ferrari, Hublot characterizes itself through the “Art of Fusion” philosophy, bringing tradition into the future.

Today, the Chairman of Hublot and veteran of Swiss watchmaking industry – Jean-Claude Biver – came to Tsinghua University, the top university in China, to give a class in the Tsinghua entrepreneurs lecture hall in School of Economics and Management, to share the marketing concept and the key to innovation of the top luxury watch with students and MBA, and to reveal the success to the development of luxury in the background of global economic.

This is the very first time that Hublot has brought its workshop inside a university grounds to share its marketing outlook with students.

Jean-Claude Biver delivered a passionate speech, drawing from pop culture like “Big Bang Theory” and expounding on Hublot’s own famous brand concept “Classic Fusion”. Biver also made references to Hublot’s partners in the fields of sports and how these outstanding individuals, such as Maradona, Wade and Usain Bolt were attracted to being a part of the Hublot family. All the students who attended the workshop benefited from this presentation and were impressed by the luxury marketing strategy and the courage and boldness of such a successful industry leader.

(Text and picture from Hublot pressrelease)

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