Rolex Explorer 2 Frecchione Orange hand (vintage)

Rolex Explorer 2 Frecchione Orange hand (vintage)

Rolex is known for some iconic timepieces such as the Submariner, GMT and Daytona. Beyond these three models, there is another sports model, the Explorer 2, which has been made for expeditions and mountain climbing.

 The Explorer 2, reference 1655, was a watch that did not sell well when it appeared on the market in the 1970s. It was a Rolex that did not look like Rolex. It did not look like Bling. It did not look like the usual culprits with a turning bezel. It did not look like a steel watch with a black dial. It looked like something from “outer space”, something with colors, orange on the dial. What was Rolex thinking back then? Well while the watch was not a bestseller at the time, it is highly regarded and wanted by collectors around the globe nowadays.

This watch is a rare specimen in original condition. The socalled “Orange Hand” or as some call it “Frecchione” Straight Hand has a serial number starting with 334xxxx which dates it to appx. 1972.

The dial is flawless, the original MK1 dial (first series) has a beautiful patina on the yellowish tritium indices. The dial does not have any damage or chips. 

Tands are original  MK1 “Straight Hand” hands with matching tritium.  The color of the orange hands has turned to a nearly neon color.
The Bezel is an original MK3 bezel in great condition.
The folded bracelet is reference 7836. Faltband with a stamp from 4/72 and matched to the case with 580 endlinks.

The case is in great condition and not overly polished.  

Some macroshots of the dial:

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